Modern & Feature-Rich Visual Scripting for Unity

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FlowCanvas - Create visual flowScripts in an intuitive visual editor similar to Unreal Blueprints!


Awesome games are being made using FlowCanvas. Here are some of them!

FlowCanvas is a powerful and feature-rich Visual Scripting Solution for Unity, empowering you to create and manipulate virtually any aspect of gameplay elements for your games in a very similar fashion to Unreal Blueprints, but with far less programming knowledge required all around.

FlowCanvas gives you the full flexibility of concepts and tools typically available only in code, but through an intuitive visual node editor, making it possible for you to create things from quick prototypes, up to complete game mechanics without writing a single line of code.


And some of the reasons why you will love FlowCanvas!

Intuitive Visual Editor

Work in the most intuitive and comprehensive visual node editor for Unity polished with features and made by designers for designers! Robust Minimap, Graph Explorer, Full Undo, Copy/Paste, Groups, Comments, Inline Help, Minimal Mode, and much more.

Advanced Visual Debugging

See exactly how your flowScripts work in runtime with unparallel, colorful, and informative visual debugging. Live edit while in play mode, add breakpoints, and debug watch the data being transferred from node to node!


Use any type of variable, including lists/arrays, enums, interfaces, and your own custom types. Utilize Graph, Object, Asset, and Global Blackboards, as well as Blackboard Parenting to create a network of variables and parameterize your flowScripts to your desire.


Create self-contained Macros once (also using visual scripting) with any number of custom ports of any type and reuse them within any other flowScript or share them with others!

Nodes Generation

Use automatically generated nodes for all and any Unity functionality, your code and third party APIs out-of-the-box! Any method, property, or even Unity and C# Events can simply be turned into a node for you to use!


Auto-Convert allows you to connect different port types together and let FlowCanvas take care of the conversion, thus significantly decreasing the nodes needed and allowing you to work faster and far more expressively!

Intellisense-like Menus

Filter the available nodes shown within the node browser based on the port type you are dragging and thus significantly increase your workflow speed!


If the included or the auto-generated nodes are not enough, you are able to create custom nodes to do whatever your project needs with a clean and well documented API.


FlowCanvas logic is well structured and extremely easy to understand!


Events are where a flow signal starts! Things like input, triggers, messages, collisions, and more. Without events nothing is going to ever happen in the flowScript. Some events also expose information about the thing that happened, so it can be used by other nodes later. FlowCanvas comes with dozens of premade events for you to utilize for nearly any Unity aspect and then some!

Flow Controllers

Flow Controllers, control or modify the flow signal in a variety of ways. Repeaters, randomizers, conditionals, loopers, cooldowns, and all these cool things, fall under the Flow Controllers category! FlowCanvas includes dozens of those to allow you to control your flowScript in any way you desire!


Actions are those nodes that actually make stuff happen! Without action nodes, nothing is ever going to. Playing animations, sounds, moving objects, destroying objects, creating objects, loading levels, or anything else. FlowCanvas allows you to control all Unity aspects and 3rd party assets directly, with automatically generated reflection nodes!


Functions, unlike actions don’t really make things happen in your game. They instead provide the means by which you are able to get specific information out of your game like how much time has elapsed, the position of a game object, or generally any state of the game you require. Anything that simply gives you information without doing something, is a function node!


FlowCanvas integrates seamlessly with NodeCanvas Behaviour Trees, State Machines, and Dialogue Trees!

Behaviour Trees + FlowScripts

You can directly add a whole FlowCanvas flowScript as a node into a NodeCanvas Behaviour Tree and visualy script its behaviour with the added ability to return Success or Failure from within the flowScript back to the Behaviour Tree!

State Machines + FlowScripts

You have the ability to directly add a whole FlowCanvas flowScript as a NodeCanvas FSM state and thus model the state’s Enter/Update/Exit as you wish through visual scripting!


FlowCanvas is made with both designers and programmers in mind as well as teams

For Designers

Prototype, iterate and realize complete gameplay mechanics, player controls, user interfaces, level triggers, interaction systems, and more without writing a single line of code while learning how to program in the process the fun way. If you are familiar with Unreal Blueprints, you will feel right at home!

For Programmers

Interface with your existing code at a higher level, creating decoupled systems and provide new self-contained nodes for designers with an easy and well documented API. Expand the system to your heart’s desire or completely tailor it to your needs. The Full Source Code is also provided to see how things are done!

Add FlowCanvas to your project and enjoy a modern feature-rich Visual Scripting solution.