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    New: Unity 5.5 support.
    New: Editor performance improvements.
    New: Added “Break” port in all latent action nodes, like Wait or DOTween are for example.
    New: Types (including generic types) and methods will now resolve and fallback to other matches by searching types without namespace.
    Mod: Node browser is now considerably smaller in size.
    Mod: Obsolete methods and properties are no longer shown in menus.
    Fix: Duplicate and Delete shortcuts for multiple selected nodes.
    Fix: Panning graph is now undoable.
    Fix: “Replace Method” in reflection based node context menu, now works for static method overrides as well.
    Fix: Runtime Macro instantiation issue.
    Fix: Memory allocations for when using Dynamic Variables.
    Fix: Export Macro to JSON now correctly includes it’s input/output port definitions.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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