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    New version 1.3.0 is live on the asset store.
    Following are the changes:

    New: Added ‘OnApplication…’ event nodes.
    New: FlowScripts can now be paused correctly.
    New: FlowScripts are now correctly reset when Stopped/Restarted.
    New: When a node or connection is selected, used Blackboard variables by that selection will now be highlighted.
    New: Dynamic and missing parameter variables will now show in red within the Node information UI.
    New: Improved Variable Separators and it’s now possible to have a custom name for them (double click to edit).
    New: Added ability to colorize Canvas Groups through it’s right click context menu.
    New: Added ability to colorize Nodes through their inspectors.
    New: Reflected Nodes & Variable Bindings now work with base definition of method and properties (The lowest implementation in class hierarchy is used).
    New: Right Click in the Node/Task Browser window now goes back one step.

    Fixed: Input Axis Events from not being called when axis becomes zero.
    Fixed: Further performance improvements relevant to memory allocation on initialization.
    Fixed: Improved memory allocations when restarting a FlowScript.
    Fixed: “Send Global Event” from sending multiple events in graphs of the same gameobject.
    Fixed: “Create Defined Blackboard Variables” command, that was incrementally adding Global BB name (eg “Global/”) for global variables.
    Fixed: Inability to Bind Blackboard Variables when editing a prefab.
    Fixed: AOT Classes Generator for non-namespaced classes.
    Fixed: When duplicating or pasting nodes, they will now be auto selected.
    Fixed: Win Universal Apps 10 support.
    Fixed: Requirement of “.Net” backend (instead of “.Net Subset”).


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