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    New version is live on the asset store!

    New: Blackboard Variables can now be bound to static properties and fields.
    New: Added search in Preferred Types Editor.
    New: Added new Preference Option (“Use Browser”). If true the complete browser will be used instead of normal context menu.
    New: Added Favorites in Browser.
    New: Added search comparison mode in Browser.
    New: When searching in Browser, results are now categorized respecively with foldouts.
    New: Custom nodes extended to support up to 10 parameters.
    New: Latent Action Nodes (Wait, Tween, etc) are now highlighted to illustrate they are running.
    New: Comments TextArea is now expandable.
    Fix: Graph will no longer ever reset due to deserialization errors.
    Fix: Parsing reflection docs speed. (right click menu lag)
    Fix: Reflected docs parsing cast exception.
    Fix: Recovering from missing nodes no longer resets it’s variables.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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