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    Hello to everyone!

    I’ve accidentally faced with a strange behaviour.

    In our project we have plenty of custom flow blocks which implement our logic. In these blocks there is one “In” FlowInput.

    My date format on my OS is Russian and I have no problem with FlowCanvas usage. Problems start to begin when I am closing a project, switching date format to Turkish(maybe other cases are possible) and then reimporting the project. When import finishes I have plenty of Validation Errors:


    I think the problem is caused by existence of two different “i” letters in turkish alphabet and they are somehow conflicting when script deserealizing occurs.


    UPD. In the screenshot below flow block actually deserializes as different port:


    UPD2.  A game was built, and I tried to launch in the same Turkish date format. My script crashes with the next logs:


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    Does this only happen on your own custom node code?

    When switching, is your code editor also switching culture, or is your code always saved with UTF-8 encoding?

    Let me know.

    Thank you.

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    Well, the code always remains with UTF-8 encoding.

    I noticed one moment. Some part of my custom flow blocks feeling well after switching date format because port id set explicitly:
    AddFlowInput(“In”, (f) =>

    But, another part of blocks are set by this approach:
    @in = AddFlowInput(nameof(@in).CapitalizeFirst(), flow =>…

    And these blocks cause error which I mentioned in previous post.

    With internal nodes everything is ok.



    Hello again and sorry for the late reply.
    Is explicitly declaring the port name a problem for you? Are there problems if you rename the port names now?

    Thank you.

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    Hello and thanks for the answer!

    No, the explicit naming is not a problem for us. But in our two projects already hundreds of custom nodes.

    Could be that fixed easily without renaming?


    Hello again.

    The only way I can think of fixing this, is to explicitly name the ports in your code to be the exact same string as the one the ports are currently serialized with in your project. So if your ports are currently serialized with an “İ”, change the code to an explicit string using that character. If you are uncertain how the ports are currently serialized in your project, you can view the json of an existing graph you have via the “File/View Json” command from the toolbar of the Graph Editor.

    Please let me know if that helps.

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