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    I have been using queue’s for a while and I have always gotten the following warning below hundreds and hundreds of times. I had turned off the warnings in the console hoping I would find a solution along the way. I create a queue in the blackboard. Leave it not ‘created’. Then in play mode. On Awake I set all queues to a “New Queue” and everything works great functionally when I go to use the queues. However, whenever that game object is selected during play mode that warning streams rapid fire.


    (Serialization Warning): No converter for System.Collections.Queue,

    No converter for System.Collections.Queue,

    No converter for System.Collections.Queue,

    No converter for System.Collections.Queue

    UnityEngine.Logger:Log (UnityEngine.LogType,string,object,UnityEngine.Object)

    ParadoxNotion.Services.Logger:ForwardToUnity (UnityEngine.LogType,object,string,object) (at Assets/ParadoxNotion/CanvasCore/Common/Runtime/Services/Logger.cs:116)

    ParadoxNotion.Services.Logger:Internal_Log (UnityEngine.LogType,object,string,object) (at Assets/ParadoxNotion/CanvasCore/Common/Runtime/Services/Logger.cs:108)

    ParadoxNotion.Services.Logger:LogWarning (object,string,object) (at Assets/ParadoxNotion/CanvasCore/Common/Runtime/Services/Logger.cs:55)

    ParadoxNotion.Serialization.JSONSerializer:Serialize (System.Type,object,System.Collections.Generic.List`1<UnityEngine.Object>,bool) (at Assets/ParadoxNotion/CanvasCore/Common/Runtime/Serialization/JSONSerializer.cs:52)

    NodeCanvas.Framework.Blackboard:SelfSerialize () (at Assets/ParadoxNotion/CanvasCore/Framework/Runtime/Variables/Blackboard.cs:48)

    NodeCanvas.Framework.Blackboard:UnityEngine.ISerializationCallbackReceiver.OnBeforeSerialize () (at Assets/ParadoxNotion/CanvasCore/Framework/Runtime/Variables/Blackboard.cs:36)



    Hello there,

    This log is simply there to inform us that this specific type can not be serialized, meaning that changes to such variables can not be stored. This is mostly related to editor time rather than runtime. I could completely remove that warning, or make it only appear in editor time and not in playmode. You can quickly remove this warning by opening up fsSerializer.cs file and change line #418

    return fsResult.Warn(string.Format("No converter for {0}", instanceType));

    TO THIS:
    return fsResult.Success;

    Maybe I will just do that for the next version as well 🙂

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    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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