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    Is there any way to use FlowCanvas outside of Unity editor or include it in an application built by Unity?


    I am not exactly sure what you mean 🙂
    FlowCanvas is built for Unity and thus works only inside Unity projects.
    Can you please clarify?


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    Hello, Gavalakis!

    We need a tool with a user friendly interface which then generates an xml file. FlowCanvas looks good and easily editable, but we are wondering if there is a way to use it without the presence of Unity editor. I see that FlowCanvas is an extension for Unity, but I was hoping that there was a way.

    Thank you for your time,

    P.S. Fyi the e-mail notification of replies did not work for me. Just in case it’s not a known issue. 🙂


    Hello again!

    I now understand better 🙂
    FlowCanvas graphs are internally serialized to a json string, and you can export and store this json serialization to a file if you want so.
    This might be one way to use a created FC graph outside of Unity, but the json serialization exported is not really meant for that, so it might or might not fit your needs, since it will be of course a lot of work to make use of this json manually and outside of FlowCanvas context.

    I have attached for you here a json file, which reflects this graph:

    Once again, please note that this is for internal serialization usage.
    If you have any questions about this (or anything else), please let me know.


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