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    Hi, I posted in the Unity forum but this seems like the better place for a technical question. I’m trying to use Send Event to trigger execution flow on a Custom Event node with the corresponding event name.

    The gameobject has:
    a flow script controller
    a blackboard
    a message router

    all added at runtime on the frame I created the gameobject. Is there something I’m not understanding or do I maybe have a botched setup?

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    The store page lists “Live Edit FlowScripts in runtime” so I’m not sure if this is a bug or not. Maybe you’re able to edit existing nodes, but not add new ones? Either way, for me simply adding a debug event node at runtime doesn’t work, but again not sure if its supposed to work like that.


    Well I figured out one problem, the graph wasn’t hearing events because it wasn’t ready yet. I added a coroutine to wait until the end of the frame and then call the event, and it worked. However, adding a debug event at runtime still doesn’t work.



    Sorry for the late reply due to weekend.
    Indeed, if an event is send from an Awake event node, the other/target graph may not be ready/initialized yet and cause the event to not be catched (in which case a delay like Wait or Coroutine is required), but in your example image the event is send from a Debug Node, which makes me wander. Was this image just an example, or the actual graph used?

    Also, regarding live editing, it’s true that there is a bug right now with this feature. Thanks for spotting this out. It will be fixed 🙂


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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