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    I’ve referenced custom event listener breaking animator (, but apparently Signal Callback also breaks the animator. I haven’t got any reproduction steps, as long as there’s a signal callback in a flowgraph on an object that has an animator, the animator fails to play.

    Is there any sort of fix for this? Applying Root Motion is not a fix as it makes the animator work in an undesirable way.


    I was looking into this and signal callbacks use the RouterEventNode. Gavalakis – Am I just over worrying about things here or is the routereventnode a bit bloated for simple signal callbacks? It hooks up to a lot of unity events some of them being every frame update functions like the animators. I wouldn’t want to introduce all those hooks just to listen to a totally unrelated scriptable object event?


    Hello guys.

    The fact that EventRouter contains lot of Unity callbacks is not really a problem since those callbacks themselves only actually do something if something is subscribed to the related c# event in the first place (we check if the event is null before doing anything). The Unity callback itself is not really a concern.

    However, the EventRouter does indeed have a problem with Animator, because the presence of OnAnimatorMove alone makes Animator not work correctly. I have fixed this now by moving OnAnimatorMove callbacks to a separate monobehaviour which is added automatically only when an AnimatorMove event is actually being used/requested by some node.

    I am attaching for you here the fix, which will of course also be part of the next version update.


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