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    I was building a weapon for our game yesterday, when I noticed that something was wrong. After some investigation, I found out that a Set Variable Node (in the .asset file, and therefor also in the instantiated flow script in the hierarchy) that should set a bool to false was switching to true when I hit the play button. I’ve committed the file to our git and today I had a look into it with our programmers, with no success. I now have duplicated the flow script and removed all other nodes, and can still reproduce it. Please find attached the .asset file with only this one node in it. Just set the value of the node to false, hit play, and see how it turns to true. I also want to mention that this node probably has been created by duplicating another node, and the flow script was created by duplicating an already existing one (although I think I deleted all nodes except for our custom event nodes). It would be great if you could have a look into this, as, quite frankly, this is creeping me out when thinking about debugging more complex items in the future :). Thanks!


    Looks like .rar files are not allowed even though it says so in the attachment area. Lets see if .zip is working.


    So .zip files are not allowed either, now trying with unitypackage…

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    Ok, I just notified our programmers about the sticky post about the bugs introduced with 2.7, and it looks like the problem was solved with the solution you provided. We will start to monitor these forums more actively in the future :).

    On another note, we are streaming some of the development of our game. Yesterday I was building aforementioned weapon live on Twitch, so if you are interested in how we are using your tool, I can notify you a few days ahead of my next stream. Thanks for your awesome work!



    I am glad that the problem is solved for you. 🙂 It was an unfortunate bug that was introduced in v2.7.0. The new hotfix version is already send to the asset store of course and pending review.

    By all means, please do let me know when you have a streaming scheduled on twitch! That would be really great to see you working live and also really very helpful as well!

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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