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    Hello, we are a small team working on a medium sized project and after some time working with our own tools we’re wondering if FlowCanvas can replace them and fill all ours needs. For lot’s of situations it will but we have a special case. We want to have sequential behaviour, describing the state of our scene, with conditions for going to the next step (FSM like):

    -Step1 => the player have exited his room?
    -Step2 => the player have the key AND have the mighty sword?
    -Step3 => the goblin is dead OR the magician is alive?
    -Step4 => you win or you lose! (depending of previous steps)

    Each step have enter/exit callbacks and special logic. The logic inside a step can be handle easily by FlowCanvas but how can we do the sequential behaviour? Our system return true or false each tick if the step is complete or not, can we mimic this system with FlowCanvas? (solutions like changing a variable in the blackboard describing the index of the state is a no-go because it’s very error prone, designers tend to often forget thoses litles things =) )

    if not is it possible to implement our graph system based on your visual editor?

    Thank your very much!



    Hmm. From your description, I think that the best tool for this task, would be to actually use a State Machine system, since what you described is basically exactly what a State Machine system is and does 🙂
    FlowCanvas on the other hand, is really not a state machine system, but it can seamlessly be combined with NodeCanvas witch includes a complete FSM system and it prety much works the way you describe, by having conditions that need evaluated for a transition from state-to-state to happen.

    Combining NodeCanvas FSMs and FlowCanvas flowScripts, you can basically have a state machine system, where each state is modeled with a FlowCanvas flowscript, or simply by NodeCanvas’ Actions.
    For your convenience, here is a relevant documentation link:

    ( If you already own FlowCanvas by the way, you can get NodeCanvas at almost half-price on the asset store as well! )

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Join us on Discord:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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