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    I’m very impressed with this system so far, thank you very much!

    After using it a while though, a very common situation I ran into is writing simplex functions to transform collections. A few examples:

    – Selecting from a collection: From GameObject to Vector3: Vector3[] myPositions = myGameObjects.Select(g => g.transform.position)

    – Filtering a collection: Getting only active objects: GameObject[] activeObjects = myGameObjects.Where(g => g.isActiveInHierarchy)

    – Getting the first object matching a predicate from a collection: First active object: GameObject firstActiveObject = myGameObjects.First(g => g.isActiveInHierarchy)

    – Linq functions like Join, Intersect, Distinct, and many others would be extremely useful as well

    I can already see that this would be a rather huge and difficult feature, but it might be something to think about sometime.



    Thanks a lot! I am really glad you like FlowCanvas!

    Indeed linq related nodes would be very useful. I already have some ideas for implementing those in a generalized way, but definitely need more work to be ready and usable 🙂 So, it is something in the radar for the future, but unfortunately not quite there yet.

    Thanks again both for your feedback and suggestion!

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    I would also love to have LINQ functions at my disposal while working with FC.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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