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    I am having very high ram usage creeping up over about an hour to where I need to close the editor and reopen. I go from about 1 GB for unity, to 10 GB or higher. Things will be mostly smooth except about once a minute there is a big lag and the Hold – repaint message comes up. I have pinned it down, I believe, to having a canvas open after some usage. Maybe cache related. It is not as pronounced in a new project but it is reproducible.

    With the task manager open. Open a new 2020.3.7 URP project. Import 3.2 FlowCanvas and NodeCanvas, and import the bridge asset. Create a game object in the default scene. Add a flowscript with a bound graph. Have graph with tab of something else with it. Add a couple nodes to the graph. Don’t need to go in play mode or anything else. Just zoom in and out fully while panning around, maybe save the project a couple times. Basically use the editor a bit while zooming and watch the RAM as you zoom. After about 5 minutes of that, I am seeing the ram going up noticeably. Let it sit and the ram will creep up and up in 20-50 MB chunks every minute or less. When I watch it trend, and I know its going to keep going, I switch tabs. The RAM halts immediately where it was, and will even drop a bit. I can wait and wait and it will not creep up again.

    It seems like there is an automatic periodic repaint even if nothing is going on and may be related. I’m just shooting in the dark. Hope it’s an easy fix. Or maybe I have my own issue… Thank you!


    i have the same thing whith ram on 2020. it leek somewhere maybe in unity itself.



    Hmm. I did some tests in Unity 2020.3.8f1 and when the graph is open and pan/zoom performed, indeed the ram goes up but that is most than probably because each move is being stored for Undo (pan/zoom do as well). However at some point the ram increase simply stopped (about 700-800MB usage shown) and at no point in time was the usability ever slow or laggy. Does this happen for you in previous Unity versions as well like 2019.x?

    There is an extra Repaint call which you can try to delete and see if it changes anything. Simply open up GraphEditor.cs and remove (or comment) the “OnInspectorUpdate” method (it simply calls Repaint inside).

    Let me know. Thank you!

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    I will give that a try and let you know. Thank you. This was not an issue with 2019.


    i have video that memory ticking and big gpu usage when zoom not 0 or 100 % smthing between. is it ok ? it can slowly tick up to 5 gb memory if graph is big.
    update: after using MINI map gpu constant loaded even on 100 % zoom

    video explanation:
    start-max zoomin no alot gpu or cpu usage
    then little bit zoom out constant gpu load
    max zoom out no gpu load again

    its clean project just flowcanvas and on start node


    Those lines commented out did not work. (They made the node group color set not update till the mouse moved, just fyi). I waited a few days before changing, the issue had been less noticeable. Must have overheard me… Anyway, I did notice the GPU active while the ram was increasing, for me the GPU is less noticeable.


    Hi i made a screenshot from memory profiler. in version 2021 it still memory increasing over time. in like 30 min. i waited for 4 gb and made snapshot.

    Scene is default clean 3d. Asset is only flowcanvas. i just copypasted 10 nodes opened canvas window and waited for ~30 min +i turned off grid and everything else. memory is ticking up at some point of zoom/
    3 screen to show empty scene
    maybe this will help somehow

    +i dont know why but this dont happening in 2019 version

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    just saying in latest 2021 no such problem for me with memory.looks like unity team fixed something.

    and i tested  latest 2020.3.35 lts and    memory still growing.  its  info if anybody have the same issue .

    so im waiting 2021 lts to jump from 2019

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