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    Hi, i’ve been using FlowCanvas long time, and there was 2 small things that always bothered me:

    1) FC needs “Null check” switcher. This really was bothering me at first(not having null switcher), but later I just made a simple macro, so I kinda forgot about it.

    But I think this is illustrates problem: (please look screenshot 1)

    Better just have 1 switcher for the most popular checker, than dragging 3 nodes and connecting them each time. It’s faster and takes less space 🙂


    2) this one is really small, and probably nit-picking.

    (screenshot 2)

    I always keep clicking the bottom “Add variable” button, because it feels like that bottom one, is for blackboard vars(idk why, maybe too close to top variable fields without clear separation/spacing). Also when there are lots of variables, you have to do extra movements, scroll up to click “Add variable”, then scroll down again to rename variables(when you can just click Add, and rename, without scrolling up and down, if button was in the bottom). From a design perspective, placing them at the bottom will be logical. But if you don’t want to bother with this, can you please show where I can reposition code to have buttons in the bottom?

    These are small things, I just wanted to mention them for you to know and hear your opinion on it 🙂

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    Hello again,

    The Switch Null is nice, however there is a null check node already called “Is Valid” which you might want to check 🙂

    Regarding the Blackboard buttons, I was thinking of placing each blackboard in a separate “tab” within the inspector. The BlackboardEditor.cs file is responsible for these inspectors (the button code is at lines #78-84). I will try this change and see how it feels 🙂


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    Omg, it had a null check all along! Problem solved 🙂 🙂


    I moved the button to the bottom, and nope, it doesn’t feel right. It is good when there are a small number of variables, but when there are many vars you have to scroll down in search of that button 🙂 🙂 Now I think button on top is better, just needs clearer separation for graph variable button, and tabs for blackboard/graph variables might help with this, also it will make height of vars window smaller, more visibility is always good, i love tabs idea! But it needs actual UX testing if it feels right. Because I thought the “Add variable” button in the bottom was a good idea until I tested it 🙂 🙂

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