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    New Flow Canvas user. Somewhat familiar with coding and the Unity functions, but trying to figure out how to put nodes together. Let’s start with a simple color change. To make it easy, on start up, I just want a grey cube to turn….let’s say….yellow.
    I started with the on enable node and then transitioned to a set color node with the yellow rgb values set. No luck.
    Also tried renderer.material with another node for color. All this got me was a pink color.
    For those of us that are somewhat familiar with coding and what unity can do, a short video showing some basic examples of some node structure examples would be nice. Not for learning Unity, but to learn how to string the nodes in Flow Canvas with some basic examples.
    The user manual could have used some of these examples as well.
    Anyway, seem’s like a great product, but of course the easier it is to get started, the more folks might come aboard.
    People really like videos. Hint Hint…it doesn’t have to be of epic length!
    I had a tough enough time just figuring out how to attach a flow script to an object. The manual at start of 1.1 talked about the importance of adding a flow script controller component to a game object, but not how. After some time clicking around, I saw that selecting the object and adding a component, and then selecting script and then flow canvas allowed me to do this. Maybe I missed this in the manual.
    Also, don’t want to overload on the first post, but just made a cube rotate with the update node, rotate around local and time. fixed delta time.
    Could you explain what the value option is for time fixed delta time. (Currently have it a zero and the cube is rotating just fine with the values I set in the rotate around local node. I don’t recall having to set a value when using delta time in code.
    Thanks and I’m sure I will love this program when it starts to make sense.


    Okay, I’ve been at this for over 2 hours. Here is a screenshot of one of hundreds of nodes (Many combinations….) I’ve tried arranging to cause a grey cube to turn to a different color on start. Grasping at straws and frustrated.
    The code in C# is renderer.material.color = new color. Simple.
    I really feel I could be at this all night. It’s like trying to figure out a combination code.
    Anybody want to take a crack at this?
    It would be most appreciated.

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    As a follow up to the emails we exchanged, here is a a step-by-step on how to set an object’s material color.

    – Drag and drop the gameobject you want to change it’s material color into the canvas.
    – From the menu that will popup, select (MeshRenderer/Properties/More/Get Material”). This will create a variable node with a reference to that material so that we can use it.
    – Drag and Drop the “Value” output of that “Get Material” node into the canvas to get a menu of possible nodes to connect.
    – In that menu, select (“Material/Set Color”). Dragging a port like this is similar to pressing dot (.) in code for example. So it’s like Material.SetColor.
    – Add an event to trigger the Set Color node. In this example I did it with a “Button Fire1”.


    I will do my best to update the docs and address some things soon by the way.
    Can you please clarify what node are you referring to exactly for it’s time fixed delta time?


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    Thanks again for helping with this and it worked great!
    It was the ‘time.set fixed delta time’ node. Wrong one?
    I have that coming after a rotate around local node.
    Trying to add the time to smooth out the rotation.


    You are welcome!
    You shouldn’t really ‘set’ the fixed delta time property, but rather just ‘get’ it in case you need it.
    Also, Time.fixedDeltaTime is mostly useful when physics are relevant, otherwise it’s better if you instead use Time.deltaTime (not fixed).

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