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    I want my character to move like in the first Zelda game. You can move only along one axis at a time. However, pressing a horizontal and vertical input at the same time should switch between them. I can only get it working one way, depending on which input I check first.

    I’ll try to describe the situation I’m at with an example:
    1. You hold down left button, you move left. Great.
    2. While holding down the left button, you briefly press up. This makes your character stop moving left for a moment and moves him up a little. The character returns to moving left (which is held down) when you release the up button. Great.
    3. Now switch axis. Release the left button and instead hold down the up button. You move up. Great.
    4. However, now while you hold down the up button and briefly press left or right, nothing happens. Your character continues moving up and ignores horizontal input. Not great.

    It was nice how quickly I could get basic movement working, but tuning it to something specific is proving really hard. I would greatly appreciate any pointers how I can get this working in Flow Canvas.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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