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    Hi! I created a custom event in the flow script. Now I want to access this event in the same flow script as execution node so I can call it in the any event inside of this flow script. I’m still beginner and trying to understand how is this working in this plugin. Thank you in advance!


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    Hello there,

    You can call an event with the “Send Event” node ( you will need to set the name of the event in that node to be the same of course).

    Another way to make similar flow “jumps”, is to use the GOTO nodes. With the GOTO, you first need to create a “GOTO Label Definition” (and give it a name), and then use the “GOTO (‘name here’)” node (which will appear in the menu only once after you have a “GOTO Label Definition” in your flowscript.

    Let me know if these work for you.


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    You call custom events in same node by using “Send event”. You actually using “send event” right after your custom event, move it to green square, or it will cause infinite loop. Here docs about custom events:

    Also I recommend you to watch basic video tutorials on YT(started from this tuts myselfs, good old days):




    Thank you both!

    Yes, I was tried to use SendEvent but placed it to wrong place haha

    I checked the tutorials already but it seems I missed this part or don’t remember

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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