How to avoid that graph will be dirty when user only browse on the graph?

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    If I  change the position or zoom in graph window then the graph will be dirty. This happens because the zoom and position information are stored in graph asset.

    It is a problem when the graph is shared between two or more developers with a remote repository because only the fact that one developer browse in the graph it will be dirty.  If other developer has committed the edited graph then this can generate a useless conflict.

    How to avoid that zoom and position information (are there other information?) are stored into in asset graph when the user only browse on the the graph?

    Thank you



    A solution can be to comment the assignation to fields “this.translation” and “this.zoomFactor “in constructor of the class GraphSerializationData ?


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    This was discussed with the asset developer on Discord a few days ago and it seems they’ll be moving the graph window zoom / translation out of the asset to resolve this. Not sure when it’s happening, exactly.




    Indeed, the zoom/pan serialization is to be moved outside the JSON serialization (and actually into the graph). You can if you want temporarily comment out these lines, but then of course pan and zoom will not be saved for the graph, which might or might not be an issue for you.
    I am currently working on an update for another asset (Slate). Once that is done I will start working on FlowCanvas and NodeCanvas update again.


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