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    Sometimes some FS scripts enables earlier than main FS script causing “null reference” error.(and there seems to be no way knowing what will execute first)

    FlowScriptController already has “First activation” enum, which is alright…
    But maybe we can add something like “Execution order” enum? (similar to “C# execution order”)
    Basically I have some FlowGraphs that initializes whole system, and i want to be able to execute them before any other Flowgraphs.

    Detailed example:
    InitGraph#1, execution order: -20
    InitGraph#2, execution order: -10
    Default Graphs, execution order: 0 (default)
    Late graph, execution order: 10

    Also small unrelated question:
    Should I wait v3.30 release, will it be released soon, or approximate date is unknown? If unknown I should proceed and update to 3.29


    Hey, sorry for the late reply.
    This is an interesting suggestion. I’ve noted this down to see how and if that is possible to implement. However, you could use the different “initialization” calls like OnAwake, OnEnable, and OnStart, so you could initialize the main flowScript in an OnAwake event node, and let other graphs initialize in an OnStart event node. It is not exactly the same as your suggestion, but it may help until I take a look at this 🙂
    The next version is planned for January by the way since there are various changes I am working on.


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    It’s alright, I found workaround 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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