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    Trying out the classic cube rotate with time.
    In the below screenshot, I’m just using the rotate right now.
    As I’m rotating about the X axis, I was curious about the inputs options for the X box and the Angle box.
    It seems that I can put anything in X (1-1000) and the speed depends on what I put in the angle box.
    So what is the X box for?
    Also in adding a time.deltatime node, all I could find was ‘get’ or ‘set’.
    You already mentioned not to use the fixed, but for ‘set’, (which I think I need?),
    all I could find was ‘max time.deltatime’.
    There was a regular time.deltatime for get, however.
    Sorry for the confusion…

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    as far as i understand, the angle is the amount of rotation, axis is what axis to apply the angle of rotation to. e.g if x = 1 y = 0 z = 0, it would apply the angle to x rotation only, if x = 1 y = 1 z = it would apply angle to x and y rotation.


    In that case, the axis value would just be an on or off value of 1 or 0?
    Any other number entered would just be interpreted as a value for that axis.
    That would make sense as I can enter 100 or 1 in the X input and it spins the same speed until
    I increase the angle input amount.
    Now…just need to figure out where that set ‘ time’ node is hiding…
    I found a set ‘time.set maximum delta time’ node and it hooks up, but don’t really notice any change
    when I input a value on that…
    Thanks for your help.



    in download section is SpaceInvaders example. On ship movement I have used timer for movement.



    Thank you for the reference Andy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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