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    I thank you for making this asset and I love it, it’s really awesome. Yesterday night(IST – Indian Standard Time) I brought flow canvas and its working fine, but today when I reference wheel collider(Tried both bounds and asset) and add motor torque Unity crashes every time I enter playmode. And also plz improve search bar, the search field gets out of focus everytime and when I force focus with mouse and search the results are very slow. So far these are the problems I faced, plz fix them.

    Thank You


    Hello and sorry for the late reply due to holidays.

    Thanks a lot for your purchase. I am glad you like FlowCanvas.
    I just checked setting a motor torque to a wheel collider and everything is working fine as expected.
    Could you please send me a reproduction project to so that I can take a better look of the issue?

    The search text field is getting out of focus only if you press the down/up arrow keys to navigate the results. Isn’t this what is happening in your case?

    Thanks a lot and merry Christmas!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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