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    Hi, i tried to follow doc tutorial about external node, but it doesn’t appear to work, or i’m doing something wrong:

    I copied example script from docs(screenshot 1), but it throwed error that type “<string>” missing, i added it and it was fixed. But when I drag&drop my script with node, there is no “External node” option(screenshot2). What could be a problem?

    Unity: 2020.3.40f FlowCanvas: 3.2.9

    also unrelated question:
    In performance section of docs have this written: “All this is mostly related to using the reflection nodes. If you use or make non-reflection nodes it won’t matter” does that mean the non-reflected custom nodes(Simplex/FlowControlNode) better in performance and if I remake most of commonly used reflected nodes to custom nodes it will be more performant?

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    Oh, I need to throw in instance from gameobject, not the script 😀 Okay, it works!
    So basically this is like making any script into a node, this is so cool 🙂 This is really expands node creation options


    That is the goal, yes 🙂

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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