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    Hi folks, loving node canvas & flow canvas. Keep up the good work.

    Here is an issue I have:
    I cannot reference an interface on a parent gameobject in a blackboard! It works fine if interface and blackboard are on the same gameobject though. I attached a screenshot.

    Cannot reference interface:

    Can reference the interface:

    Here is a detailed explanation:
    The actor component implements the ISpokenWordReceiver interface. The actor component lies on the top gameobject.
    I have a child gameobject which holds a flowscript controller with a blackboard.
    I can reference the actor component on this blackboard but I cannot reference the interface! I like working with interfaces as they keep things organized, so please help me out 🙂

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    Hello and thank you! I am glad you like NodeCanvas and FlowCanvas!

    There is a small bug with Unity Object Fields GUI and interfaces, where for it to work, you have to drag and drop the MonoBehaviour (that implements the inteface) itself rather than drag and drop the gameobject. (dragging and dropping the gameobject does not work for some reason).

    Here is a workflow solution to achieve that:
    – Select the “child” gameobject (flowScript) and open its graph editor.
    – “Lock” the graph editor (with the lock button on the top right of the graph editor toolbar).
    – Now select the “top” gameobject and drag and drop the actor MonoBehaviour itself (not the gameobject) on the blackboard within the graph editor (which is still locked to view the “child” gameobject graph).

    Please let me know if this works for you.
    I know this is somewhat cumbersome. I will try to find a solution around the Unity Object Field and that limitation with interfaces.
    Thank you!

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    This works for me!
    So it’s a Unity bug after all. Unity’s Playable director has the same issue when binding interfaces.
    Thanks for the quick reply.


    You are very welcome!

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