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    I has bolt and flowcanvas,I did some comparison tests about performance.

    I found that bolt instantiate took only a small amount of time.
    I don’t know how he did it. It seems to cache the instantiation. I added a lot of nodes and I can’t see the deserialization call of the node on the instantiation of the bolt by proflie(flowcanvas nodes are deserialized process can be clearly seen by proflie). I added 100 forloop nodes and the bolt instantiation. Only 0.5ms

    So can flowcanvas and nodecanvas cache instantiation in the future?



    Are you sure you’ve checked the profiler vs the graph correctly?
    I am asking because I have just made an instantiation comparison of Bolt and FlowCanvas gameobject graphs both containing 100 ForLoop nodes and my results are very different than yours:

    GC Alloc: 2.6MB
    Time ms: 25.2

    GC Alloc: 0.6MB
    Time ms: 5.5


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    Thanks for reply.

    yes,Im very sure.
    First, you must use a macro, and not the first instantiation. The first instantiation in bolt will be very slow.
    I uploaded my bolt test flow.I used bolt 1.4.0f11. Second Instantiate takes 6545 ticks.

    Bolt 1.4.1 will be a litter faster because he fixed a bug,result between 5000~6000 ticks.

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    Hello again,
    Thanks for the extra info.
    I will check things out again with the new considerations and let you know.

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