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    See 1st screenshot for setup. In Idle-state I look if mouse is over an enemy. The targeted enemy should then be stored in blackboard-variable “Target”.

    Once I hit play, the reference to the blackboard gets lost (see 2nd screenshot), also the text “No current Blackboard reference” is displayed. After I manually hit “Register” again and assign the blackboard-variable again, it works as expected. I have to re-register the variable everytime I enter or exit play-mode.

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    As you know, the Action/Condition FlowScript task, is an unofficial community made extension for FlowCanvas, for which unfortunately I can’t really provide support for :/. Please write in the extension’s post in the forums so that the author of this extensions may help you with.
    [Here is the link]

    With that said, this feature will come officially into FlowCanvas in a later release though 🙂


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