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    I’m sorry for the basic question. I’ve spent a few hours trying to look for a way to use a Flowcanvas script to modify the text content of a UI Text component, but I just can’t seem to find it. To make matters worse, my previous solution while using Nodecanvas (using a “Task Action” node with the “Set Property” action) doesn’t seem to work either, instead reporting “SetProperty Error (Task Disabled)”.

    I’m using the latest version of Flowcanvas, with all of the additional resource downloads from this site. I’m also using the latest version of Unity, from the 9th of September (version 5.4.1f1).



    The easiest way to do that, would be to simply drag and drop the UI Text gameobject or component into the FlowCanvas Editor.
    This will popup a menu, in which you can choose what you want to do with the object dragged 🙂

    In your case, you will need to select “Text/Properties/Set_Text(string)”.
    This will create a node for you in the flowscript, which when executed, it will set the UI Text to a new “Value”


    Let me know if that works for you.

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    Thank you, it works like a charm! (Literally my first reaction was “You can do that?!”, and then I said it aloud again once I tried it xP )

    Also had a mini-adventure when I discovered that the old scripts for bridging Flowcanvas and Nodecanvas didn’t work anymore with the newest versions, only to find out that you’ve already uploaded new versions of those too. In a single, more convenient package, no less!

    Good thing I checked the download section for new files before reporting it, or that would’ve been pretty embarrassing ^_^;;



    Thanks! I am very glad you like the fact that you can do this 🙂
    Indeed the NodeCanvas-FlowCanvas bridge was updated soon after the new version came online. I agree that it’s better now that it is a single package. There was no need to be separate 🙂


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