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    There’s something i don’t understand about “AOTClasses.cs”. when I added UnityEngine namespace and generate AOTClassese , I got these below:
    class FlowCanvas_ValueInput_GamePadMode : FlowCanvas.ValueInput<UnityEngine.SamsungTV+GamePadMode>{}
    class FlowCanvas_ValueInput_GestureMode : FlowCanvas.ValueInput<UnityEngine.SamsungTV+GestureMode>{}
    As you see there are a lots of “+” and type , did I missed something?I’m working on Android IL2CPP and IOS IL2CPP with Flowcanvas ! I’m trying to take the place of LUA withFlowCanvas!
    One more advice!There are a lots of classes or functions in unity has been marked as [Obsolete(…..)]!

    Such as :
    [Obsolete(“Use Random.Range instead”)]
    public static int RandomRange(int min, int max);

    I stacked here for a long time (RandomRange not worked) and then i changed it to Random.Range! In Graphic Editor User may not knows about that! So , I advice to add a substring “_OBS” to help user to know it!

    That’s all my question, and the end, sorry about my English(I’m Chinese),FlowCanvas is a great plugin!
    Oh,I forgot this! I translated Flowcanvas document to Chinese(It’s not 1:1 trans),here is the address: FlowCanvas_CN , my



    Thanks. I am glad you like FlowCanvas!
    You really don’t have to put all classes of UnityEngine namespace in the preferred types list, but rather only the classes and especially the structs that you actually use in your flowscripts. It’s OK to put more, but putting every single type in there is really an overkill 🙂

    The “+” symbol is simply how nested classes are marked in c#. So for example, GamePadMode is a nested class of SamsungTV class. There is nothing wrong with that there, unless you get any errors. Do you get any errors? 🙂

    Thanks for your suggestion. I will exclude Obsolete types, method and properties from be able to be used in a future version.

    Finally, thanks for the translation too! If you want, please make a new forum post for that (something like “Chinese Documentation”) and I will make it sticky 🙂

    Once again, let me know about the AOTClasses. Do you get some sort of errors, or something not working correctly?

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    Just like that what you said, I just include the type what i need,that’s enough! AOTClasses works OK!


    Great 🙂 Glad it works for you now!

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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