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    I’m trying to learning FlowCanvas by following a C# Tutorial (https://www.raywenderlich.com/673-how-to-make-a-match-3-game-in-unity) but I’m pretty much stuck at the get go.

    How do I declare a 2d array variable?

    How do I send an event that needs to pass multiple values?




    Do you mean a Spirte Array? (Spirte[])? If so, FlowCanvas does not support arrays but instead support Lists (which work in a similar way).

    As such, you can create a Sprite List variable in the Blackboard, through the “Add Variable” button and then -> “New/Collections/List (T)/UnityEngine/List(Sprite)” (or simply search for “list sprite”).

    The default built-in even system, follows only supports 1 parameter (following the same way that Unity’s Send Event works which also support 1 parameter). There are however alternatives:

    – One alternative is to use a Custom Fuction and then Call that custom function, if you want to call an even within the same flowscript. Custom Functions and calling Custom Functions can be found under (“Functions/Custom”) category.

    – Another alternative (new in v3), is “Signals”. Signals work similar to Custom Events, support multiple parameters but needs a bit more setup. Here are the steps required to make a Signal event work:

    1. Create a “Signal Definition” asset in your project’s asset (with typical right click in your project folder -> “Create/ParadoxNotion/Canvas Core/Signal Definition”). This is the definition of the event and within it you can define the parameters of that event, their name and type.
    2. Within the flowscript create a “Signal Callback” node and assign the created Signal Definition in the inspector at its the appropriate field, then hit “Refresh” in that inspector as well.
    3. Within the same or another flowscript create an “Invoke Signal” node and also assign that same Signal Definition in it’s inspector at the appropriate field then hit “Refresh” here as well. Make sure the “Target” node port is the same gameobject that has the flowscript with the “Signal Callback” node (if it is the same gameobject you can simply leave it to the default “Self”).

    Let me know if either of the above works for you.


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    Sorry, I parked this for a bit but just got back to it.


    I’m talking about multidimensional arrays, like what you would use to create a grid, GridVariableName = [7, 8]. In Bolt I’m using Lists of list, so one main list with a list on each entry, but it’s quite clunky, so I was hoping FlowCanvas would allow me to declare a variable in the blackboard like Name = MyArray Value = x, y.



    Hello again,

    This is currently not supported out of the box, but I have noted your request down so that I can take a look at it after summer vacation 🙂

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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