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    Using 2020.1x over here and really things are overall really great with fc/nc.

    There’s only one issue, and I haven’t spent a ton of time in fresh projects trying to recreate it, that I believe to do with memory leaks. GC.Collect() in one of the editor only gui draws continues to rack up time eventually coming to many seconds of pause every few seconds of editor runtime.

    This issue is not particular to either play mode or edit mode just anytime i have a canvas up.

    Side note that OnSelect of the external inspector is a unity message type and the way you use it for your own delegate with a different signature than the unity message causes many errors and for the external window to crash.

    Excellent work on keeping it going for 5 years and thanks for reading.


    300ms hang in this profiler may not seem like much but it makes it so i cannot use FC basically since when I go to click it won’t register for 300ms and by that time I’ve tried to drag it into a flow slot already to make a connection and by the time it unhangs it now things I want to drag a different node around.

    And just to reiterate performance is insanely good in the graphs until the GC starts mucking everything up.

    A simple reload of the assembly fixes it up since I presume the issue has something to do with delegates not unsubscribing or something and overtime they build up.

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    Hello and thank you for your positive feedback!

    To be honest, I haven’t yet fully tested on Unity 2020, but of course it is definitely something I have to do.

    Also please note that in regards to GC.Collect, there was a fix in recent version (3.0.8+). Are you by any chance using an older version that this one?

    In regards to the External Inspector, you are right, thanks! I have just changed the method name so that it does not conflict with the unity native one 🙂

    Thank you once again!

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    Yes I have been working on 3.1.0. For the time being I’m working on moving back to 19.4 since it’s likely the stable option.

    I was also unable to build fc in 2020 as it seemed references were also not deserializing properly or something ( the classic no reference static error ) on builds. This I also did not spend much time on figuring out and it could just be something weird I was doing.

    Something is quite wrong with the memory either with fc or just straight up unity 2020. Even in sessions where I don’t actually open a graph I will get incrementally longer editor -> play times ( starting at a few seconds ending at 30 ) though this could be due to graph serialization who knows.

    Either way excited for future versions of both unity and assets to become stable. Wish me luck with FC in 2019.4 =D


    3.1.0 in 2019.4 builds and has so far no noticeable perfromance issues. Cheers.

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