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Hi, Thank you so much for this useful node! (  is it possible to have [T] version of this node in the future? this node works great, you just have to look for your SO files in hundreds of other files :D, if it is too hard to make this one is very useful, especally as SO switcher, thank you! )

About “Then”. Main node i want it for is “enum switcher”, because there is many times when i need only 1 option from enum, and then go on with the flow, but i have to connect all other enum options to the flow(couple times when I added new option to enum and forgot to connect it to the flow, and flow didn’t go further causing bugs, and it was hard to detect what is going on), in code you can make quick check for one option of enum and go further freely, but in “enumswitcher” node you hard locked to enum options only, there is no “Then” option 🙁

So please show me how to add it for node “enum switcher”