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Graphs do indeed need to be started, since the “start” (which is more like an “enable”) is required so that the graph is initialized, all ports be bound, etc. Once after initialization (“start”), there should be no overhead for a graph just being active (considering that it does nothing else of course) and thus there is no reason to pause it and restart it. Quite the contrary, pausing and restarting would create more overhead than a graph being active (once again depending on what nodes are being used in the graph).

The most barebones way to run a graph, is without a FlowgraphController component but rather directly by instantiating a previously made graph (a flowscript asset for example) and starting that graph through code. However that alone would not have any significant difference since the FlowgraphController is quite simple and only acts as a way of doing this automatically for you basically.

To sum up, while starting a graph will create overhead when it is started (so that the graph is deserialized, initialized, etc), an active graph will not create any overhead thereafter on its own. For starting graphs, you can also utilize the Async mode for initialization, which is found on the FlowscriptController inspector (“First Activation” -> “Async”). This will initialize most of the graph in a separate thread.

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