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Little update for reference. If you have multiple scenes open, and you use a Global BB variable in a scene other than the one that has the global BB. It will work in play mode and if even in a build mode when I already had had the scenes open. If you add that scene additively like using a separate game manager scene, those global variables will not hook up. The global variables cause cross scene references. The discord mentions making your game manager object a prefab and having one in each scene so on load the new one will be destroyed and it will “take over” but I could not get this to work. So if following the convention of splitting your scenes up, the references will need to be gotten by normal means. I’m using a macro with the game manager reference set up to get children of the game manager if a port on the macro is pulled from, and maybe a parent asset blackboard that has the game manager referenced so I don’t have to search for it each time.