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It’s really awesome to have the ability to blit shaders to the screen, I love it! With the script @net8floz made for me on the discord, if I wanted to disable OnRenderImage calls (for performance reasons, or to stop using a shader on-screen) I’d just disable the OnRenderImageListener.cs script like this:

However, with the new OnRenderImage event, if it is in a graph, it is always being called I believe? The method I’m using currently to disable an effect is this:

This just passes it straight through, but it’s still technically a blit call, and if I just remove anything from the OnRenderImage event, the screen stops rendering anything. If I manually disable the Event Router, it works again, so I imagine the event router always calls OnRenderImage if the OnRenderImage event node is present in the graph. Is there another way of manually disabling and enabling the OnRenderImage call, for performance reasons?