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Hello from here as well! 🙂
I am really glad you like FlowCanvas! Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to write this report.

The first issue is known at this time, but unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to “fix” it. The weird thing is that within the call stack, there is actually no call to any Node/FlowCanvas methods at all. I have even tried removing all code of ExternalInspectorWindow (except the one that opens it up) and the error still exists. So, that is even weirder. I will keep looking for it though.

Regarding your 2nd issue, hmmm. It may have to do with some specific type in your Preferred Types. Can you please temporarily try to “Reset” the Preferred Types to the default ones and let me know if this behaviour still happens? (If you don’t want to lose your preferrred types, you can export them and import them back later).

Let me know.

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