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Hello again,

Thank you for your feedback. It is unfortunate to learn that you’ve moved on to Unreal, but I am at least glad that FlowCanvas was not the main reason for that. With that said,

– I do understand that diff/merge ability is an issue. Recently someone posted a hack around this in the NodeCanvas forums however and I want to see if I can implement that within the fsPrinter in a reasonable manner. Here is the link to that guys post:

– The CustomFunctions have been refactored some time ago and at least to my experience (or reports) I haven’t encountered any problems with them. Are you however specifically refering to CustomFunctions that have some “Latent” action within them (like Wait) though? Or can you please let me know of an example on such a problem if at all possible by you?

– Regarding “Finish”, this nodes is exactly for completely ceasing the execution of the whole FlowGraph. If you just want to “do nothing” after a certain node, you don’t need to plug a “Finish” node to that; you just leave the outgoing ports empty. Can you please explain what you would want a “Finish” to do more specifically per your suggestion? A “Flow” is actually created when an event is called, so tracking the invoker (node) would be very easy to do, by holding a reference in the Flow struct that is created in the Event Node by the way. But I am still not exactly sure what the end goal of that alternative “Finish” node would be; what are the things that you need “finished”?. I’d be more than glad to know however 🙂

Thank you!

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