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I found a method to reproduce this bug in a minimal case.

I included a small Unity project. In this project is one scene, in this scene is one Bound Flow Graph, with one Node referencing the ScriptableObject ‘A’. The steps to reproduce this bug:

1. Drag the ScriptableObject ‘B’ through ‘F’ in here and select the Method Trigger

2. Save the Scene.

3. Change something in coo.cs that triggers a recompile.

4. Check if one or several of the Nodes lose their reference to the ScriptableObject. You have reproduce the bug. Otherwise continue with step 5

5. Delete the Nodes ‘B’ through ‘F’ from the graph

6. Save the Scene

7. Restart Unity.

8. Go back to step 1 (everytime I tried this, the bug triggered the first or second time).

Once you have triggered the bug, it is persistent. If you try to add the reference back, save and recompile, the reference is always removed.

After I trigger the bug, it can sometimes be solved by restarting Unity (but not always). Until now, everytime I deleted the Library directory and rebuild the Asset Database the bug will not be triggered.