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Thanks a lot for the response. I guess I would want to be able for the flow creator not to have to do this everytime. Mostly as a convenience thing, so they wouldn’t have to do it for “every” FlowCanvas diagram that requires this type of configuration. (imagine a scenewith 20 or 30 events of the same style for example, it could be daunting and error prone).

Its not THAT a big deal though, but I think I may find a possible solution using some kind of macro (like the same thing you posted it, but just in macro from possibly at the beginning of a node), or maybe just having one node that “terminates the event”, so they would only use one node at the end.

Well, in any case thanks for the help, I’ll see I can find something that requieres even less diagram manipulation 🙂 and I’ll post it if I find it.