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Hmm. From your description, I think that the best tool for this task, would be to actually use a State Machine system, since what you described is basically exactly what a State Machine system is and does 🙂
FlowCanvas on the other hand, is really not a state machine system, but it can seamlessly be combined with NodeCanvas witch includes a complete FSM system and it prety much works the way you describe, by having conditions that need evaluated for a transition from state-to-state to happen.

Combining NodeCanvas FSMs and FlowCanvas flowScripts, you can basically have a state machine system, where each state is modeled with a FlowCanvas flowscript, or simply by NodeCanvas’ Actions.
For your convenience, here is a relevant documentation link:

( If you already own FlowCanvas by the way, you can get NodeCanvas at almost half-price on the asset store as well! )

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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