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Apologies for the slow response. For the order execution graphs I actually cheated and just used the OnStart graph event to kick things off.

Discovered a few quirks with the latent nodes I posted earlier; namely, the Update flow output doesn’t work with them, since it appears to be called for every yield statement (of which there is only one in, say, WaitForIEnumerator and so on). Only way I can think of to work around that would be to start a concurrent timer from the Start port, which seems like one of those things you’d only set up if you needed it; otherwise it would be nice to disable the Update output entirely, but the Update port is registered by LatentActionNodeBase so I don’t think I can do that…?

I also made another Latent node people might find useful, WaitForCondition:

Thank you for the assistance! The local blackboard variables in asset graphs sound very welcome.