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I am glad you found a solution to what you were after with creating custom nodes. I will add the namespaces in the documentation examples by the way soon. Thanks for suggestion.

For passing parameters to the graph and considering that the graph is set to respond to some events, you could use the “Custom Event (T)” node for example and then from code you could use the flowScriptController.SendEvent<T>(string name, T value), where T, could of course be some custom made class that would contain all the parameters of the events if more than just one is needed.

Remember though, that in the case of a custom made class you want to use in FlowCanvas, you will need to add that type in the Preferred Types Editor window, to be possible to actually add a node like for example “Custom Event (MyClass)”.

Please let me know if the above works for you, or if you need more details about said usage.

Furthermore, in a later version (soon) of FlowCanvas, asset flowscripts will be able to have and use a local internal blackboard (like Macros do) and thus of course also possible to set these local blackboard variables manually in runtime if required.


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