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With a bit of experimentation:

These seem to work.
(as an aside, it would be helpful if the documentation on custom nodes mentioned what namespaces needed including. API reference in general would be greatly appreciated)

Currently I have it setup thusly:
A ScriptableObject derived from an ‘Order’ class, that handles ‘how much AP do I cost?’ ‘what icons do I have?’ etc as an asset
This asset links to a Flowscript graph asset in turn, that visually performs the order
To execute, we instantiate a new flowscriptcontroller, pass it the graph and info on the order being performed (which unit, the target etc) and wait for it to complete.

Now all I’d really like to be able to do is pass custom per-order parameters to the graphs. Is there any way to make an asset for pre-defined blackboard variables or anything like that? I can hack up an alternative solution but this would greatly be preferable.