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The "Self" Parameter

Within FlowCanvas, the term “Self” represents the owner of the flowscript for whom the flowscript is executed for. Or in other words, the game object that the FlowScriptController is attached to. The term “Self” can usually be seen on the instance port of a node, if that port is of type GameObject or any derived Component.

In the following example, the parameter Animator of the Animator.SetFloat node, is marked as “Self” because it is the instance on which Set Float will be called. If left un-connected and un-assigned, the parameter will resolve at runtime by getting the Animator component from the gameobject where the FlowScriptController is attached to. If there is none of course, the parameter will resolve to null.


Another place where the “Self” term can be found is at specific Event nodes. In the following example, the event will be checked against the collider attached to the “Self” gameobject by default, but you are free to assign or link another collider if you so require. (More about events and linking variables will be explained later on).


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