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Connecting Nodes

Connecting node ports together is simple and straight forward and there are even some extra features to help you along. The most basic way of connecting two ports together is to click drag and drop one port to another. This can be done both in a forward as well as a backwards fashion (meaning connecting output to input, or input to output).


Alternatively you can also click drag and drop a port on to the whole target node. In this case, a sensitive context menu will popup, listing the possible ports that the dragged port can be connected to. This helps speed up your workflow instead of trying to target the right spot of a port. This can also be done in a forward of a backwards fashion.


Deleting a connection can be done by right clicking on a port. If the port has multiple connections, all of them will be deleted.

If you drag a port connection into the empty canvas, a type sensitive context menu will pop up with available nodes relevant to the type of the port dragged. Selecting a node in that menu, will automatically add it and connect it as well.


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