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Blackboard Variables

The Blackboard is a component which is automatically added for you on the same game object where you have attached any FlowScriptController component and is the main place where you create, store and retrieve variables to be used within any flowscript of that game object. The blackboard inspector is also displayed within the flowscript editor at the top right.


To create a blackboard variable you simply have to click on the “Add Variable” button as seen above. A context menu with all available types will show up for you to add a variable of. Remember that all types are supported, as long as you add them in the Preferred Types list as explained earlier!


Once you have created a blackboard variable, you are able to use it within any flowscript of the gameobject either getting it’s value or setting it’s value as you require. One of the easiest ways to do so is simply by drag & drop the variable from the Blackboard and into the graph editor.


If a variable refers to an asset (prefab, texture, etc), a nice asset preview will also show up within the node!


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